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Scootworks 11/15/17 02:34 AM

getting attacked overlay? can't find it in source code
when a npc attacks you from behind, you get a red hud around the reticle.

this "arrow" shows you the direction of the enemy/enemies.
the problem is, i can't find this in the source code and the "*.dds" neither. can someone help me please?

sirinsidiator 11/15/17 02:42 AM

It's called DirectionalDamageIndictor and there is a config value "DirectionalDamageIndictorVisibleInThirdPerson". But that's all I know. Don't believe it is part of the Lua interface. The dds file is "esoui/art/reticles/"

Scootworks 11/15/17 03:00 AM

wow okey thanks a lot. it's really weird. is there somewhere an extracted texture file for "" ?

sirinsidiator 11/15/17 03:33 AM

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sure. here you go.

Scootworks 11/15/17 04:12 AM

awesome thx :)

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