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Ek1 11/15/19 05:30 AM

[open] For game content modifying events: GetGameModifyingEventInfo()
So there are now several events (real events, not carpet-function-call events) that modify the game in one way or another. There are several protected functions that provide almost all the needed data but you would need quite a bunch to be opened to get the most basic infos like: TimeStamp when has the event started, TimeStamp when does it end, whats its name, is impresionator around, concise to-do and verbose description of what's going on.

As we all know, information flow about upcoming events in the game is quite weak (although improved in Q4) but more often than not the info comes with the same surprise scheclue as your kids fever. So to alleviate this, getting info about the events ingame would offer information ingame where it is most often needed. Quite rarely do people navigate to the ESO website to read about stuff as, well, they are quite bad as they are heavy, chaotic and (still) lack a calendar.

By having access to the event infos one could create add-on that shows ingame what's going on and flash a medium sized sign in the screen saying "Tickets 10/12" on each character load. Then a big red sign at the screen "TICKETS 12/12, DON'T LOOT ANYTHING", except no signs would be shown if there is no ticket shop.

sirinsidiator 11/15/19 05:52 AM

Agreed. Showing information about upcoming events ingame and updates when they are cancelled would make everything a lot less confusing for players.

Ad calendar, they recently added one very well hidden calendar function to the bottom of the streamer schedule page, but it doesn't seem to have been updated and still shows the undaunted event as being in progress.

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