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deljason 05/30/18 11:06 AM

How to find data about in game elements?
I am wanting to know how to find certain information about the in game data available to the addons.

For example: I have seen some addons use a 'zone id' number, but I cant seem to find a list of zone ID numbers or how to find the number for a particular zone when in-game.

Another one would be how to find the 'name' of a particular UI element. One I cant seem to find is the gamepad ui key bind bar that shows up when in a conversation with an NPC. If there is a way in-game to find that (via a / command or whatever) that would be great.

votan 05/30/18 11:47 AM

ESOUIDocumentationP18 2.txt
ESOUI source code

and search for addon zgoo

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