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ingeniousclown 04/30/14 09:18 PM

Weird interaction with links
I doubt the log or a screenshot is required here, but if it helps I'm on Windows 8.1

Links from an add-on's description will load the link inside Minion's window as well as in my default browser. It'd probably be a good idea to not follow links within the description window; it doesn't seem to handle the size all that well :P

Also, I have donations links on my add-on pages. The same issue above applies to them as well, but it opens up TWO windows on my browser so now I have 3 different link follows from a single click. Kinda odd.

Dolby 04/30/14 11:59 PM

Very strange, what is your default web browser?

ingeniousclown 05/01/14 07:36 AM

Chrome is my default browser

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