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nighdarke 08/04/17 08:58 AM

Stuck Loading Game Info
The first time I used Minion it worked fine. But now it won't load the game information. It's stuck at "loading" for my games and won't progress. I've disabled my firewall but it still won't load at all and sometimes just shuts itself down. I often can't get it to start at all either. I use Windows 10. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Dolby 08/04/17 10:51 AM

Hi nighdarke,

Can you post your minion.log? I'm hoping there is some error information in there that could help us find the issue. It sounds like an issue were Minion is having trouble connecting to our API but can't be sure unless I can see the logs.

Where to find the minion.log:

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