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Octopuss 05/23/18 02:01 PM

Why is Mininion doing this?
Somewhat related question:
Why is Mininion doing this?

Why is showing ESO-1, and why is it detecting anything in the first place when I have the path already set up?
And why on Earth is it detecting anyting related to WoW? I vaguely rememeber there was a setting on first run where I clearly told the damn program I don't use WoW.

Dolby 05/23/18 02:32 PM

ESO-1 is the internal ID Minion gave for your install of ESO. Its so you can have multiple installs of ESO. If you had PTS it might be ESO-2... etc.

Detecting ESO AddOns is when it scans the directory for any local AddOn changes. What if you were to manually install an AddOn? Most people would want Minion to detect it (early versions didn't do this and was a top request). It also just does a hash check if anything has changed file wise and will trigger the update flag if there is a mismatch.

Minion needs to know about the basics of WoW to not load/detect it. Games are not hard coded into Minion, it loads them from our web API so it sees a game call WOW on our web API and grabs enough info about it from the API so it knows what to do with the disable switch for that game thats in your minion.xml settings file. We thought about hiding this but... meh. If/When we add more games to Minion maybe I'll just change it to "Fetching Data from API"

I split your post into its own thread, wasn't all that related to the OP.

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