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Venger 02/08/17 05:08 PM

Minion Update for High Res Users?
Is there a Minion update in the works to add better high resolution support. Currently native resolutions higher than 1080x1920 are difficult for minion users.

Dolby 02/08/17 05:12 PM

Sorry I don't follow... I run Minion from low to really high (4k & retina) resolution and it scales just fine? Whats the issue you are having? The UI is all vectorized so even in Retina it looks nice and sharp.

Here it is 2880  1800 (retina)
I can post a pic from my win10 2560 x 1600 display too.

Can you post a screenshot of your issue? What resolution & DPI are you running?

Venger 04/14/17 06:47 PM

maybe it's because you are on a mac that it works well?

I'm on W10 PC and it does not scale at all. Everything is tiny and I see no options to adjust.

I'm running 3840 x 2160

AstroGazer 04/20/17 10:07 AM

minion tiny print in 4k displays with windows 10
same here - windows 10 at 4k makes for tiny print. hard to read anything in minion.

Dolby 04/21/17 05:43 PM

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Everything on your desktop looks pretty small though. Usually if you're running at 4k you scale up your UI under "Display Settings" >> "Scale and Layout" >> Change the size of text, apps, and other items. Are you doing that and Minion is ignoring it?

I can only imagine other non-game apps having the same issue with small text if the UI isn't scaled up.

We could probably add a feature under Minion settings to scale up & down the UI too.

Venger 05/28/17 03:20 PM

I am running the scaling at 200%. I like small icons, I have them set to the smallest. You can see the recycle bin is larger/normal size.

I hope that Minion gets an update soon. I have a very difficult time using it with the micro text...and since we can't add to minion directly from, we are forced to use the minion interface to manage and add add-ons to our libraries.

The ability to add add-ons to minion from the would be awesome too. Think of how nexusmod's tools allow you to add it from the mod hub.

Venger 12/09/18 03:40 PM

Still no option to scale Minion UI... I really wish this would happen. The current state is almost unusable for as my old eyes are not what they used to be.

sirinsidiator 12/09/18 04:43 PM

It scales fine for me on 4k when I set the windows scaling options to 200%. Maybe check if the High DPI scaling override in the compatibility options is active (it should be disabled):

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