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timmynguyen1568 04/22/19 09:11 PM

Not seeing Addons ingame ESO
the addon tab is empty
Im On Windows 10

Baertram 04/22/19 11:57 PM

0: Wrong forum. This is no design discussion :o
1st: Search the forum...
This was answered in many cases.

2nd: Check you are not using OneDrive or move the addons folder away from it to normal users directory.
3rd: Check the help pages here for "How to install addons" and check if your addons are in this directory.
4th: Search for the file "UserSettings.txt" or "AddOnSettings.txt" on your harddrives/Sdds and see where it is. In the subfolder AddOns the addons have to be. If It's on OneDrive 2nd applies!

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