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distraughtklownz 01/20/18 02:45 PM

Minion Missing Files, Won't Load?
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I found a thread from 2015 that said that in \appdata\local\minion\app, I was supposed to have 5 files. I've got 3. After I manually tried to launch the jar file, I was left with a 4th log file. Minion has not loaded in probably near a month, but was working fine before that.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled several times without any progress. I have no antivirus program and I have cleared the minion app through my firewall. I changed my default web browser back to Microsoft edge, but still have no idea why it will not work.

Baertram 01/20/18 04:02 PM

Inside the folder \appdata\local\minion\app there are 2 files and 1 folder.
You do not need to start the jar file in there but the exe file in the folder above (\appdata\local\minion\Minion.exe).

Delete the minion*.log and xml files or move them elsewhere.
Or better: Rename the whole directory here to something else:
c:\users\<your windows username>\.minion

Try to uninstall Minion, then install minion into another folder. And use the 32bit version not the 64bit version.

Run Minion as administrator and check if it works this way.

distraughtklownz 01/22/18 09:22 PM

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nope. Followed all of those instructions and unfortunately I had no luck. Running the 32bit version with administrator rights showed the window for a split second and then it disappeared. The program kept running in my task manager, but was unavailable to me.

Baertram 01/23/18 11:47 AM

For me the log showas as ok and Minion should then let you choose the game in a popup etc.
Maybe your java version somehow is the problem.

Is the path where Minion is stored containing any special characters or only latin chars? If so please install t to another dir where only latin chars are used.

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