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Katsumoto546 11/08/21 12:33 PM

Minion is unable to connect to the internet.

When I launch the Minion application it gives me a message that it can't connect to the internet and tells me to check my firewall, but I don't have a firewall or even an anti-virus. Can you help me ? Thanks you !

Baertram 11/08/21 04:18 PM

Did you read the troubleshooting thread (sticky) in the minion forum?
There is an info about ipv6 and how to change Java to switch to ipv4 network usage, plus other hints.
If you use windows you automatically use Microsoft windows firewall so check if you need to add a whitelist entry for it. Or check if any proxy is enabled in your network settings. Often Ransomeware also adds proxies and if you do not use any anti-virus you definately should! But I bet you use MS windows integrated anti-virus "Defender".

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