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Jaymanship 05/09/19 02:42 PM

Minion 3 wont open Mac
Hi, Im really hoping someone can help. Minion 3 will not start on my mac ( Macbook Pro) Mojave 10.14.4
It will only ever open a blank window when not connected to the internet. Please help :D

Dolby 05/09/19 03:44 PM

try deleting the minion.xml

make sure Minion is closed then...

open a terminal window and type...

rm ~/.minion/minion.xml
Then start Minion up again.

If that doesnt help see if you have a minion.log file.

In a terminal type

open ~/.minion
It will open a window with the files in that folder. Then look for the log file and attach it here.

Jaymanship 05/09/19 11:08 PM

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Still no luck deleted the xtml but the same problem occurs. Heres my log file.

Jaymanship 05/12/19 08:44 AM

Any luck ?

yazeedHD 05/12/19 09:58 PM

hey i am having the same issue in pc how to fix that?

Baertram 05/13/19 04:34 AM


Originally Posted by yazeedHD (Post 38077)
hey i am having the same issue in pc how to fix that?

Please do not necro threads especially not if they belong to MAC and not Windows.

There are several threads about Minion and windows in the forums already.
-> Please do not answer here but in one of the windows threads, thank you.
Did you read and followed the infos there already?
If so: What exactly did you try and what is not working, and how does Minion behave for you?

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