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DaEddie 05/21/18 02:21 PM

Stop That
I was writing really nice but your terrible ad switching deleted the entire post.

Here in short and angry now.

Don't look up for the absolute path C:\Users\eddie\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns since "Documents" is not a folder. It is a library and that library could physically reside anywhere on the PC.

But first of all, stop to generate unnecessary folders on my system since this will confuse my configuration. You should rather learn how to look up for libraries instead of doing this:

a line of the log file
745 [Thread-17] gg.minion.plugin.ESOFinder:preVisitDirectory(46): Create if missing: C:\Users\eddie\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

This is so wrong, really, stop that!


Dolby 05/21/18 03:24 PM

Just tell it not to detect your ESO install and then enter in your own path. Since you are already past that you'll need to navigate to the "Options" tab and just put in the AddOn folder path of your choice.

I believe we are getting the document path from the JVM Minion runs. It's certainly not hard coded...


"GameDisplayName": "Elder Scrolls Online",
"GameExe": {
"win": "The Elder Scrolls Online/game/client/eso.exe",
"mac": "The Elder Scrolls Online/game_mac/pubplayerclient/",
"linux": "The Elder Scrolls Online/game/client/eso.exe"
"GameAddOnFolder": "Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns"

We may get to fixing this someday, switching away from java's document path var. Right now we are working on opening up Minion so people can submit PR's.

Have a nice day!

DaEddie 05/22/18 03:08 PM

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately Minion will hang while loading if I define the physical path of the AddOn folder. It's showing the loading screen and hang at the status line: Loading GameConfig for ESO. It's loading it forever...

That's why I deleted ESO from the settings. This way I can still use Minion for WOW.

Sorry for that, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Have a good one

Dolby 05/23/18 06:23 AM

Anything in the Minion.log when that happens? I have set all sorts of custom paths for my ESO Addon folder with out issue. Wondering if itís a permission issue on the path youíre wanting it to use? It also has trouble with some non Latin characters if used in the path.

DaEddie 05/24/18 12:51 AM

Thanks for your answer. Right now I am not able to check the log file since I'm in the middle of relocating an my IT equip is somewhere under that hill of stuff. It will take me some days to get rid of the mess here, and its a real mess because of moving into a large motorhome.

So gimme some days and I will get back to you... Most of the time I am searching things and some times I am lucky enough to find em :D

Have a good one and see you soon


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