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Craftychick14 08/01/18 01:29 PM

File code
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I am having a problem with Minion. One day I had my add-ons in game and now I do not have any add-ons. I uninstalled Minion, restarted my computer, deleted all files for Minion, restarted, I installed Minion, still no add-ons on the game. Mind you all my add-ons are showing up on Minion, just not in the game. When reinstalled Minion I get this pop-up (attached a picture). I also posted all the steps I did.

I have tried everything. I do not know what else to do.

Someone please help.

Windows 10
64-bit operating system x64 based processor

Dolby 08/01/18 02:59 PM

This is the first time I've seen this error.

Searching on "iPersist 0x80070002" in google it looks related to possibly a corrupt system file? Maybe try running a scandisk on your harddrives?

Right click on your C: drive and choose "properties" then click on the "tools" tab and press the "check" button under Error checking. Then scan drive and fix any errors it finds.

The other possibility after reading up on the error is that an over zealous antivirus app is blocking Minion from writing files it needs to install.

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