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swimfast724 08/28/18 04:49 PM

ESO cannot find installed add ons
I installed minion and set it up and everything was fine it was able to locate the game folder but it never asked me to sign in or anything. I browsed some add ons and installed them and that was fine and then I started up ESO and on the main menu clicked add ons to add them and nothing came up

Baertram 08/28/18 06:20 PM

Did you search the forum? There are plenty of threads abotu the same problem-
e.g. Do you use Onedrive? Remove the elder scrolls online folder from OneDrive.

swimfast724 08/29/18 01:44 PM

I am not using OneDrive. I searched through the forum just browsing but i didn't see any titles that sounded like my problem. the ones that seemed similar were some that had problems with minion itself detecting ESO folder or detecting add-ons, not problems with ESO detecting already installed add-ons.

I figured out the problem was the folder that minion auto chose for ESO to install the add-ons to was the wrong folder. It auto detected a program(x86) folder for eso under steam, not the C:Users/(user)/documents/ElderScrollsOnline/live/Addons folder.. i did not know what folder to change it to but then I found this documents folder and it is working now

Baertram 08/29/18 02:18 PM

Ah ok, you should have mentioned you are usng the Steam verison :p
It's a common issue.

The folder where the addons are normally stored should be somehwere
in c:\users\your windows user name\documents\The Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

Depending on your drive for the user and documents data, as you could have moved it to d: or e: etc.

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