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lexo1000 05/27/17 09:15 AM

Why Minion not updated since september 2016?
The project seems abandoned sadly..
Many bugs needs to be fixed

Baertram 05/27/17 12:00 PM

Good software, voluntarily created, needs time (or money).
Is working fine for me since months.
What urgent problems do you need fixed?

lexo1000 05/27/17 12:09 PM

For sure, it's not a judgment I know that it's free & so usefull.
Mainly, some crashes or not open under Win10 x64 :)

Baertram 05/27/17 12:52 PM

Did you try the x32 version of Minion within Win10x64? Just read some threads and it seems to work.
Btw: Using the x64 version with Win10x64 without any problems.
Maybe it's another error due to network issues (proxy, firewall, etc.) for you?
Did you check the minion log files and searched for shown log entr, texts, which are added at the time Minion starts but doesn't show?

Dolby 05/28/17 08:05 AM

Our java developer has been busy, we have been working on it though (just no releases). He has expressed recently that his time will be freeing up soon.

I haven't experienced any trouble under the latest windows 10 or macos using 32/64. If there was ever a real OS related issues there would have been updates but right now the backlog is small bug fixes and features that can wait. Minion it self is running well for many people judging by the busy logs from nginx for our Minion api compared to the small amount of posts in this forum. We are also workin on re-wrting some things to make minion a little more organized programming wise (its been taking awhile) and once that is done we may open it up to allow pull requests for features, etc.

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