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Pokegamer 01/24/20 02:21 PM

Minion Can not connect to the internet
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As The Title states Minion says "Minion is unable to connect to the internet. Please check your firewall, security & proxy settings." I have tried allowing it thro the fire wall, turning off my anti-virus, uninstalling it and reinstalling it in the 32-bit version. nothing has worked. If you can help me fix this I would be VERY happy and grateful. I use Minion on Windows 10

Baertram 01/25/20 04:54 PM

Check if some proxy is activated in your system. If not test it any malware is active and activated one.
Start Minion as administrator.
If this all fails check if your Java uses ipv4 or ipv6 to connect to networks and change it to use e.g. Ipv4 again. This was described in other Minion threads here in the forum, with similar thread names.
Cannot provide more info here as I'm not a network guy, only know a bit about it and can point you to words for a search online, sorry.

Lonyn 04/23/20 03:14 AM

How do I start minion as administrator I am on a Mac, I am having the exact same problem as Pokegamer.

Baertram 04/23/20 05:21 AM

Afaik there is no "admin mode" on the mac. If there is one you need to search online for it please.
I'm not using any MAC sorry.

Check if your mac uses a proxy and setup the same within Minion then.
And search the forum for "Minion mac" and you'll get threads about updating yoru OS and updating java etc. what helped others.

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