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Imiona 02/19/20 02:58 PM

Addons with Update 25

I would like to know if someone played on the PTS and can tell me if Addons still work as intended with the upcoming update.

I use a bunch of them, some very old but still working fine on Live, but with big Changes coming, i am worried some of them will break for good.


Baertram 02/20/20 05:20 AM

Without having the names of your adons we are not able to tell if they could or could not work properly.
A general answer would be. Some will, others wont :p

KNown problems are chat related addons as Zos changed the chat to use a new chat proxy. Addons are not able to format the chat texts properly at the moment but I hope wil lfix this until PTS goes live.
I'm not aware of other mayjor problems on PTS so I guess the answer will be: We will see.
Some authors also test on PTS and fix the addons, or already created updates available working on live&PTS.

So just update your addons and try :p

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