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Costa007s 06/16/17 01:13 PM

Stuck at initial load screen after installing Minion
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I just installed minion on my macbook pro 10.12.5 and I can't get past the load screen after choosing the games and it's scanning the drives. I've tried deleting my minion.xml file and reseting minion but I still get the same problem. I've never ran into this problem on the windows version. I attached my minion.log, minion.xml, and a screenshot of my problem.

edit: I only use minion for ESO

Dolby 06/17/17 07:21 PM


Looking at it error log Minion doesn't like the name of your drive. There is currently a bug were it will error on drives that have apostrophes in the name.

Hopefully we will get a fix out for this soon as our java developer is back from his break.

BearMaidenSif 12/28/17 01:13 PM

Any update?

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