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Winkione 12/12/16 03:23 PM

Minion not installing add ons
I am on EU server and I am new to add ons. Minion installed Lore Books and Starshards. My ESO settings/add ons is blank, no add ons. Help please

Dolby 12/12/16 04:59 PM

More than likely the path is incorrect under the Minion options tab, if you know where things should be you can click on the options tab and fix it under there. Otherwise please attach your minion.xml I can verify this is the problem and give you instructions on how to fix.

Find your minion.xml:

- Click on the icon that looks like 3 gears in the upper right of the Minion window.
- It will open the Settings window, scroll down to 'Event Log'.
- Click the 'Open Log' button and a window should open displaying some files.
- Find the minion.xml file and attach it to your post here.

Also are you on windows or mac?

Winkione 12/12/16 05:46 PM

Thank you for your offer to help, however in the meantime I found the answer by myself.

Thank you


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