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sirinsidiator 07/07/19 05:12 AM

Update 5.1
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Since some less reputable character found it fit to leak the patch notes for the next update and ruin someone's holiday, ZOS has decided to release them on Saturday already. The next update "Scalebreaker" will be on the PTS Monday.

New API Version: 100028

PTS Dev Guild
We have created guilds on the EU and NA server for all addon developers, which get copied over during the PTS cycle for a new update, so we can test guild related things, ask for help with testing or just chat. If you need an invite, ask here or over on our Gitter channel. You are also free to join them on the live servers so you don't always have to be reinvited when the PTS is wiped.

I'll edit the OP with more useful information as you post it and add the links as they become available.

Baertram 08/09/19 10:43 AM

The following functions got removed / replaced:
-> Replaced by 2 functions, one for each panel:

ZO_Enchanting:SetEnchantingMode(enchantingCtrl, enchantingMode)
-> Replaced by ZO_Enchanting:OnModeUpdated()
This function does not have any parameters anymore. The actual enchantingMode can be determined by reading ENCHANTING.enchantingMode now

Here is an example for the enchanting SetEnchantingMode replacement PostHook to get the changed enchantingMdoe properly:
Lua Code:
  1. origEnchantingSetEnchantMode = ZO_Enchanting.OnModeUpdated
  2.         ZO_Enchanting.OnModeUpdated = function(self, ...)
  3.             origEnchantingSetEnchantMode(self, ...)
  4.             --do your stuff here with the changed enchantingMode
  5.             --e.g. updateFiltersInInventory(self.enchantingMode)
  6.         end

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