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Thelissa 04/13/21 04:51 PM

Minion wows..
Installed Minion a week ago.. PC crashed today and ALL settings were reset, and now rescaning folders which has taken over 30 minutes.. Why again does it take 30+ minutes to scan ESO folder. Also,why were my settings reset? Other then that its a valuable app. Thank you.

Thelissa 04/13/21 05:34 PM

One hour and counting.. WTF?

Baertram 04/13/21 06:17 PM

It's not nomal, correct. But posting every 30 minutes that it took longer won't help, and swearing neither does :(
Seems to be problem with the files after the crash then.

If you do not want to reinstall Minion delete the Minion.xml file at least before testing it the next time. It contains the installed addon versions etc. and maybe
got corrupted.

Else please uninstall Minion, install the 32bit version new, at best not to the standard install folder c:\users\...\AppData but some other like c:\Minion.

Allow Minion.exe the access to your AddOns folder in your AntiVirus tool. Smetimes AntiVirus blocks the access to the AddOns folder as it is located in c:\users\...\documents\elder scrolls online\live, where c:\users is a special windows folder!

Also make sure to click on the chain icon at the top right UI edge of Minion to get to the settings of Minion, and there change the scan depth to a higher value.

For every other issue please read the troubleshooting guide at the Minion forum -> Top sticky posts.
There are hints and tricks what to install, what to change etc.
And use the forum search inside the minion forums. Your issue was mentioned a several times afai remember.

After Minion has scanned the addons folder it somestimes will just not come back properly. wait ~5 Miutes. Close Minion, start it again, wait if the list now shows your addons. If not, repeat this (nut you must not wait 5 minutes each time, just a bit).
Sometimes it took 3 times to update all lists properly.

Depending on your installed software and java version there also might be another issue but so far this worked in most cases.

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