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katulus 07/05/20 01:43 PM

Minion: I dont see Addons in my game
Hi, I installed latest Minion and installed a bunch of addons, updated them too. When logging into Eso I've noticed that none of the Addons is visible! What is the problem? Should I delete everything and just take time to manually install addons?

Baertram 07/05/20 02:16 PM

Did you try the troubelshooting Minion thread already?

If the addons do not show up ingame you have most probably chosen the wrong addons folder for Minion to use.

Login to the game, and create a screenshot via keybind (check in controls, should be the PRNT key as standard).
The screenshot shows at the top right edge of the screen the path of your eso, note it down!
One folder above in the live folder you'll find your "AddOns" folder which needs to be usewd for your addons so point Minion to this folder.

Or: Search with the windows file explorer for "UserSettings.txt". The file with the lates update date and time should be in the "live" folder where the "AddOns" folder of eso is in.

Disable OneDrive or at least move the documents folder away from OneDrive as Eso is not supporting OneDrive to load the addons!

Let your Antivirus and Windows Firewall access Minion and the addons folder so Minion is able to work properly, use Minion 32bit even on a 64bit OS and start Minion as administrator as it needs access to your users directory.

katulus 07/06/20 03:10 PM

Doesn't work for me... after trying for a while I just gave up on it. I recommend other people to forget about Minion. Useless now. Time went on. Just take a couple of minutes of your time and do everything manually. You don't need to install that many addons anyway.

Thanks to the one that answered me, but this is the obvious truth.

Baertram 07/06/20 03:51 PM

Obviously it works for many others, so the obvious truth is that it does not work for YOU but about thousands of others.

It depends on your installed software, windows version, updates of windoes, antivirus, and java installations as well as network stack, drivers and and and...
Who knows what tools or maybe even malware you have on your system :p

If you do not want to take the time to investigate it further: Well, your choice.
If you don't have the skills to check it any further: I cannot help either from here. But I recommand you to search online for others with similar problems, and most of the time you'll find a solution.
If you decide for yourself it's not worth the effort or time: Go on with manual installation, it's valid. But please don't forget to update the dependencies of the addons as well each time!

Kontio65 12/26/20 12:42 PM

I have to add this to my Minion -addon setup for ESO:
"C:\Users\<name>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns"

This is my "Minion" -path for addons. <name> is your computer user name. That's the trick!

Have to say:
I really struggled with this one. I use Steam. OneDrive/DropBox etc. backup system doesn't affected that any way (I deleted, uninstall, reconf., mash keyboard, eat mouse, hit the sceen and so on...all that useless time consuming "DiipaDaapa" :p )

Baertram 12/26/20 01:17 PM

Not sure why this needs to be mentioned as you always have to add a folder for the game you want to use in Minion? Without adding the game's folder (the game) it won't be able to download and extractthe addons, or find installed ones.

In ESO's case it's the live/AddOns folder, correct.
The folders are even the same if you are not using Minion, described here:
And here:

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