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Marcus 02/15/20 10:33 AM

Minimizing Minion
Just curious... not actually asking for a fix. Sometimes when I start my computer, Minion ends up behind something else. If I click on the taskbar icon, sometimes it comes forward, sometimes it doesn't. AFAIK, this is not Minion's fault, it's Win 10 prioritizing it's Defender scan (SERIOUSLY? I JUST TURNED THE THING ON!) above what the user wants. Of course.

But should I dare get impatient and click the icon again, most of the time Minion quits. I discovered later that, in my impatience, the second click tells it to Minimize, and when Win10 finally gets around to doing what I want, Minion gets both the foreground and minimize messages at once. And quits.

So I did some experimentation. Any time you minimize Minion, there's a chance it will quit. About 50/50 from what I see. IF it quits that way, the next time you start it (without restarting the computer) it will fail. And keep failing. The process is there, but it never shows a window normally, and task view shows a blank window. If you click on the task bar icon now, it will quit again. And again. The only fix I've found is to right click the icon in the task bar and 'Close window'. That apparently resets whatever was left over clogging the pipes, and now it will start normally again.

I'm guessing this is a quirk of the Java runtime on Win10. If not, I figured I'd let you know. I realize 99.9% of Minion users never minimize it, nor have a reason to, but I figured someone might want to know, and maybe the info will fix something on a different Java app.

Baertram 02/16/20 12:03 PM

Never had that happen before, only similar issues where the Minion window was not showing at all but the system tray icon was there.
Right clicking the Minion systray icon and choosing "Reset position" always showed the UI then for me (because sometimes it was not shown or at the 2nd monitor, though it was clsoed at the 1st one).

MurkyMais 02/24/20 08:46 AM

You can open Minion from the Task Bar in windows 10. In the setting I set Minon to appear on the task bar otherwise use show hidden icons. Hover over the icon and there is an open selection

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