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DragonaBrine 04/02/18 03:31 PM

Minion Won't Start
I downloaded it, opened fine the first time and won't open again, someone please help

Baertram 04/03/18 02:52 AM

use the forum search please there are plenty of threads about "minion" "start" "dont start"

MrBrightGamer 04/03/18 09:49 AM

I'm actually having the same program. I haven't played ESO in a while and wanted to get back into it, so I tried opening Minion but it just freezes. It starts and nothing else happens, no window pops up acknowledging Minion is starting. I also deleted it and reinstalled, but same issue. I am on a Mac. Any help would be appreciated. I perused the forums as well but no real answer.

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