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Xrystal 08/25/14 09:38 PM

No more ESO for me
The initial novelty of ESO was fun, but as with any game I have played in the last 5 years I have always ended up going back to WOW and ESO it appears is no different as I have been spending more and more time playing WOW. Not as much as I used to but then none of my friends play that much anymore now either.

The fact that I never really got a character beyond level 12 is showing me that it isn't the game for me.

This post is to inform the small percentage that use my addon that I am sorry to say that I will not be able to spend any more time on it due to the game still sitting at 5% install after 4 hrs of downloading, even though I was playing the game fine at the end of July. It is this last annoyance that has made me reconsider whether I really want to go through all this again and then not play.

I will update the addon page accordingly but if anyone fills the need to take it over they are quite welcome to it. But I do know that there are other addon's that work in a similar way and if memory serves, have access to a ready made database of nodes.

And to finish ... good luck with all your ventures whether on addons or in game or with both. Those on wowinterface will see me around still.

katkat42 08/25/14 10:52 PM

We'll miss you, Xrystal, and have fun storming the WOW castle! Best wishes!

skyraker 08/26/14 06:17 AM

Sorry to see you go. Too bad you are going back to that POS game. :D

Halja 08/26/14 08:06 AM

Take care Xrystal.

Cairenn 08/26/14 01:01 PM

It's a shame that we won't see you around on this site any more. I'm just glad that I'll still be able to see you over on WoWI. *hug*

MonsterMMORPG 01/27/16 05:00 AM

WOW is useless without purchasing all of their expansions which costs a lot of money

also there all players are equal

no skill or nothing required

and u have to pay money each month

coolmodi 01/27/16 05:17 AM

I was so addicted to WoW once, then they started ruining the game step by step. In BC I could have fun even with crap gear and as a noob teenager, WotLK was also still quite nice mostly, when I last played it in MOP it was all about time and grinding, pretty ironic.

But that's aparently what the majority of the playerbase wants, brainless grinding, the open world MMO aspect that made the game great was pretty much gone. It has nothing over any other MMO anymore imho.

I'll never understand what drags people back into it even today :)

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