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fsmorygo 08/03/20 04:51 PM

UX Issue: No error shown if mod can't be updated
I had a problem with one of mods (SkyShards). I've updated it several times via Minion, but same in-game exception happened again and again. When I finally decided to fix the code by myself, I failed to save changes because i had no permissions.

This was because of wrong owner. Instead of having `username:staff`, SkyShards had the owner `root:wheel`. And the version was old and outdated, however Minion shown me that it was updated properly.

One fix was to `sudo chown` and update again, another one was to uninstall, then do `sudo rm`, and the reinstall.

OS: macOS

Sharlikran 08/03/20 06:08 PM

I do not see what could be different about a mac. Obviously a windows person does not have to worry about owners of the directories or files and we won't set that. I can't make that happen prior to uploading this to ESOUI.

However, none of this makes any sense. Mac is a supported environment for the game. So ZOS will make any windows mod work the same on a mac.

For that reason you need to have all the proper requirements installed. LibMapPins for one and LibGPS requires three other mods as mentioned on the authors page for LibGPS. So if you do not have the most recent version of everything then you will get an error that SkyShards will not run because you are required to use a newer version of the mod.

Rather then hack the code up to make it work get the proper libraries. Then post the error. If the error tells me you didn't install one of the requirements then that's where you should start.

If there is obviously something that Zenimax needs to change then they need to know. There is no reason a Mac can not run the same mods as a PC. Unix, no that's not supported. Mac does use Unix but it's a supported environment and ZOS has ways they should be able to test anything.

fsmorygo 08/25/20 04:01 PM

The problem was not about a missing dependency, but about Minion not reporting an error after failing to update an AddOn. I've rechecked. Explicitly installed an outdated addod, changed the permissions and lauched Minion.

Then it reported about an update, downloaded it with a progress bar and then silently failed without any mentions in UI.

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