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Gandalf 07/05/19 02:11 PM

[fixed] Control(CT_LABEL):SetScale() poor text quality
Since Update 5.0.10 use SetScale on CT_LABEL control results in a poor text quality:

Pls note the poor quality of 'Keeps, Outposts'.
The code to reproduce is quiet simple:


local wm = GetWindowManager()
local label =  wm:CreateControl("LBL070501", a_tlw, CT_LABEL)
label:SetText("What ever you want")
label:SetScale(0.92) -- scale used in the picture

Scaling label controls with text worked flawless for more than four years till 5.0.10.
As of today it still works flawless on pre Update 23 PTS ;)

Gandalf 07/15/19 10:12 AM

Fixed v5.0.11

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