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DeathXD01 03/11/18 04:48 AM

Minion does not install apps
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Hi all!
So whatever I do I can't make work this little cutie program. I want to install something, it says it installed, but the folder is empty.
Correct folders located. Tried as administrator, make it exception in antivirus(but i had to make my hole user, because It's installed in appdata), tried two antivirus, run in compalitiy mod. No beter idea.

Hope someone can help because I don't want to use twitch's client, because there is a lot of addons is missing.

Yeah, I could do it manually, but then I had to re-download them after each patch.

Baertram 03/12/18 04:36 AM

Just checked your logfile and it tells something about the addon "LoreBooks":

Try to:
+Close Minion and shut it down in the systemtray!
+Rename/Delete the minion.xml file in the appdata/minion folder
+Restart Minion
+Do not update lorebooks (right click and say to "skip/Do not update")
Try if this fixes it.
You need to manually update LoreBooks then.
Try to delete LoreBooks in the addons folder (check path below in my previous post) e.g. c:\users\windows username\documents\elder scroll online\addons
and rename in the SavedVariables folder the file LoreBooks.lua to something else.
+Restart Minion and install LoreBooks "fresh & new"

Previous post:

Minion is not installing the addons into the appdata folder but into your user documents folder/Elder Scrolls Online/AddOns!
You need to add this to your exception list.
Try this in the windows explorer address bar:
Then navigate to teh subfolder Elder Scrolls Online
It should open the path where the addons get installed:

If this isn ot the path where the addons that Minion downloaded get installed you have chosen the wrong path within Minion and should reste it via the settings button at the top right corner of minion.

+ Check if you are using Windows 10 + onedrive. Search the forum here to see what is the problem then (ESO is not reading addons from onedrive but windows uses onedrive to store your documents folder... You need to move it away from onedrive then).
+ The path of your windows username (documents path) shouldn't contain any non-latin (e.g. kyrillic) letters !
+ Minion needs to be run as administrator
+ Try the 32bit version of Minion instead of teh 64bit version

DeathXD01 03/19/18 10:30 AM

Okey, so non of the aboves are worked. But! I relockated the AddOns folder manually, and now it's works correctly.

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