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crafty35a 05/18/18 09:23 AM

Wrong add-on shown on "Installed" list
When I go to my installed addons list, two of my add-ons are currently displaying patches (which I never had installed) instead of the actual add-on.
  • Alpha Gear 2 is currently showing up as "AlphaGear 2 Test and Debug Channel (inactive)"
  • Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter is showing up as "RU Patch for Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter"
I've never installed either of these, but Minion wants me to update my add-ons with these old patches. It doesn't appear to be just me, either - a friend with AlphaGear 2 installed is having the same issue.

Baertram 05/20/18 07:52 AM

Depends on the addon's manifest files (txt files). In there is the addon name and version shown ingame in the addon manager.
If minion has installed these verisons cuz they were "newer" then the original ones it might happen that you got these installed instead of the original ones.
Haven't found otu how this happens but got it too sometimes.

Deinstall the verisons via Minion and make sure the folders are totally removed from your AddOns directory.
Then install the most current, working verison of these addons again.
If this does not work manually download them from and put them in the AddOns dir, then update them via Minion afterwards.

If this does not work the minion.xml file could be broken. Just close Minion, rename the file, start Minion again and choose your AddOns dir so the game scans it and hopefully recognizes the correct addons again.

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