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Taonnor 04/23/18 03:05 PM

Can't open file '/var/svn/esoui/repos/TaosGroupTools-47/db/txn-current-lock':
Hey, i cannot update my SVN repository because of following bug:

Commit failed (details follow):
Can't open file '/var/svn/esoui/repos/TaosGroupTools-47/db/txn-current-lock':
Permission denied

Can an admin help me?

Dolby 04/23/18 03:11 PM

Think I found the issue, can you try now?

Taonnor 04/23/18 03:11 PM

Works again, thanks!

Dolby 04/23/18 03:16 PM

No problem. Sorry about that. Had some node issues yesterday which caused a reboot. I had changed the SVN systemd script awhile back and it started SVN back up under the wrong user. My fault when making the systemd changes and didn't notice it until the service was restarted and you posted this.

Taonnor 04/23/18 03:17 PM

No problem, you do a great work!

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