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CorpDady 03/13/20 09:35 AM

Can light attack
Hi everyone,
How to know if you can light attack ?

exemple if i launch my wall when the animation of wall its not complete i cant send light attack .

Baertram 03/13/20 02:42 PM

Not sure what you want to ask here in detail but maybe you mean animation canceling/weaving:

Afaik ther eis no API function to check if you are ready to attack with a light or heavy or other attacks.

CorpDady 03/13/20 04:27 PM

i want make a add-on for indicate when i can light attack or not

On my exemple
i indicate when the animation of wall of element its on run i cant light attack but if this animation its finish i can use light attack

i want found a solution for found if the light attack can be fired or not

Baertram 03/13/20 05:04 PM

As I said there is no solution for this as there is no API for it and it depends on your network speed between your client and the server as well -> ping.

I can't think of any way to determine via addons if you are able to start a light attack.

Micke2nd 03/14/20 04:45 AM


Originally Posted by CorpDady (Post 40529)
Hi everyone,
How to know if you can light attack ?

There was a add-on which monitors the global cooldown. Maybe this delivers a helpful opener.
If not - as Bertram said, you have to calculate this time point.

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