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Gwillewyn 01/15/18 06:55 PM

Sorting doesn't understand date format
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Nevermind the nevermind. I definitely didn't fix it.

Dates are being sorted alphabetically in the options tab.

tweva 01/27/18 02:08 PM

How did you fix it??

Gwillewyn 01/28/18 09:41 AM

I thought I fixed it, but looking at it now I think I just stared myself blind at the numbers and got confused.
Dates are being sorted alphabetically.

seganku 08/16/18 10:43 PM

Another example, showing "smaller" 2018 dates showing before "larger" 2017 dates:

This has bugged me for quite a while now.

Growlf1 10/12/18 10:06 PM

Idea for better sorting of addon updates
Unfortunately it's horrible to find out which addon(s) is/ are currently updated in last days because of sorting the updates in US date format (MM/DD/YYYY).

Better would be a date format for example as YYYY/MM/DD. If clicking on the Options/Automatic Update/ Date line you that way can sort ascending or descending in correct order; at the moment you can do it only for the month, followed by day and at least by year.
So you will find an update for example from 10/18/2018 directly beside another one from 10/18/2016.

Best way would be an option to see "today", "Yesterday", "last week" or so.

Btw.: a great tool in total, special thanks to all developers.

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