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couillon 04/06/14 07:31 AM

alternatives to Minion addon manager
I'd love to use this app but I've never been able to get it to load (stuck loading) no matter what I do or how many times I delete and reinstall. It's looks great but l can't take advantage of it.
What are the alternatives for someone in my situation (using minion is not an option)?

Cairenn 04/06/14 07:47 AM

Have you posted in our Minion support forum with details about what is going on with Minion when you try to use it? Remember, it is still in beta, so any and all information we get about problems people are having with it helps us.

As for your question, at this point manually installing & updating your addons. Make sure you've added the addons you use to your favourites list. You'll get messages on the site (and by email if you enable that option) whenever one of them is updated. Instructions on how to manually install are posted under our help menu, above.

Tonyleila 04/06/14 09:26 AM

I use minion because its working but I also tryed Curse client and it was not working for me...
Only other way is to favorit all your addons here and login to see if they got updates ;)

Dolby 04/06/14 10:51 AM

couillon, could you please post your minion.xml and minion0.log?

If you are on windows its located: C:\Users\<your windows user name>\.minion
or mac: ~\.minion\

I'm guessing there is a miss configuration in your config. This does not get removed on un-install at the moment.

Summerilse 10/25/18 03:41 AM

How in the world do I get rid of all these damn Minion files. It keeps saying it's open or in use somewhere else....but It's not.

Baertram 10/25/18 03:48 AM

First: Change your tone please and you might get help. Thank you.
Second: Try to check via the TaskManager (press CTRL+ALT+DEL -> TaskManager) if any minion process is open, and then end the task (right click on it or select it and click on the "End" button if available).

Go to the control panel, add/remove software, choose Minion and uninstall it.

This got nothing to do with Minion but it's a standard Windows behavior of software.

Summerilse 10/25/18 03:49 AM

I tried using C:\Users\<your windows user name>\.minion.

But it was saying no results. The only thing I can find is some damn Notepad file that I can't make changes to because it says this file is being used in another process....what in the world is it being used with when I have nothing else running....

Baertram 10/25/18 03:51 AM

If a process is running the task manager will tell it to you.
Maybe the Minion process is still running so you need to close / end the task.
And the uninstall procedure of Windows should do this automatically for you.

Summerilse 10/25/18 03:55 AM

Nope...the only thing open is google. Whenever I try to delete this, it comes up with a 'file in use" window saying "this action can't be completed because the file is open in Minion" I already uninstalled it...this is the last file that's left that has anything to do with minion.

Summerilse 10/25/18 03:59 AM

Finally found was under the details tab in the task manager. So damn annoying.

Baertram 10/25/18 04:06 AM

Glad you found it. But this is, as written above, Windows standard :D
If a process is started but hangs due to any reason it might get stuck and run forever.

As you already checked the "Troubleshooting Minion" post, which I was able to recognize by your bad tempered post in there, I assume there is another problem for you (or you did not check the troubleshoot points and just complain here, which sadly might be an option as well...).

If you post the minion.log and minion.xml files here one could maybe check them what made the process hang.

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