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Growlf1 07/31/20 06:29 PM

Using international date format yyyy/mm/dd instead of US format
To track the most actual updates it would be better to use another date format (or the option to use it) like YYYY/MM/DD instead of actual used US format MM/DD/YYYY.
Actually the updates in options/ update log are sorted by month, then day, and then year. So you lose any overwiew of newest updates already after a few weeks of using Minion.

Better would be to sort by YYYY, then MM, and at least DD (or use it optional). So you can see the newest updates with one click in the DATE header.

Thanks for your courtesy.

Marazota 07/31/20 11:52 PM

agreed with it

Sharlikran 08/01/20 02:15 AM

The game uses epoch time.

Growlf1 08/01/20 06:20 AM

The linked converter for example allowes to show time stamps as YYYY/MM/DD/(SS) in ISO 8601 or RFC 3339.
But it's impossible to use it for every single date if such a tool isn't integrated in Minion.

Baertram 08/01/20 06:29 AM

I agree as well. YYYYMMDD would be better.

But can only repeat what was said several times before:
Minion 3 most likely will not be updated with any "features".

Please wait for Minion 4 and live with the given "features" :p, or manually update your addons without Minion.
And no: I do not know when and if Minion 4 will be arriving.
We just need to be patient :o

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