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Irkbaan 01/03/18 01:48 PM

Minion cant connect to the intrernet
whenever I start up minion it says it can not connect to the internet and for me to check my firewall settings and I disable it but it still does not work.

Baertram 01/04/18 10:55 AM

Are you using a proxy? Check the other threads about Minion here (read them) and/or use the forum search for words like "minion proxy" to get some help with Proxy settings etc.

Disable your antivirus (Bitdefender e.g.) or define a "whitelist entry" for the minion files.

Post your minion.log file here to let us check what the problem could be.

dino_2d 01/28/18 06:38 PM

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Same issue here started a few months ago.

Minion is unable to connect to the internet. Please check your firewall, security & proxy settings. Please visit our Help & Support page for additional information.

Some Java stuff, any help is appreciated.

Baertram 01/29/18 02:14 PM

Chekc if this thread helps @cmd line command for java using ipv4 stack:

dino_2d 01/29/18 07:08 PM

Sweet, thanks

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