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Lunaugh 05/04/18 12:31 PM

Cult of Eudaimonia -- flourish together
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Greetings fellow denizens of ESOUI, I represent the guild Cult of Eudaimonia.

We have a mostly lore friendly, non-cannon background:
We are a dragon cult worshiping the Greater Dragon Eudaimonia.
The Greater Dragon Eudaimonia was one of many dragons captured by Molag Ba'al for experiments in corrupting them into deadric beasts; when Molag attempted to corrupt Eudaimonia's soul, great flames of aether burst forth, searing the flesh of Molag's body (thats why he's so ugly!).
Eudaimonia's uncorruptable soul escaped Cold Harbor and materialized into a Greater Dragon (mostly lore friendly)

If you google 'eudaimonia', the first result will help you understand the goals of this guild; human flourishing.
I've attached our handbook which goes into greater detail in regards to what is expected of guild members, how to rank up etc. (.xlsx file)

Disclaimer: If we need to be classified, I'd say we are a social guild capable of any endeavor, be it pvp, eve, rp, merchent kiosks, etc, but not restricted by any endeavor, heavily dependent on member base.

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