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Marazota 06/23/18 08:02 AM

Custom Achievement Tab
its a general concept, think it will be musthave addon

it must add one more Tab to quest journal, similar to ACHIEVEMENTS, but player will able to:

- rename sections
- edit section's content
- add or delete sections
- create custom sections with achievements

i.e for example you can create All skyshards section, and fill it with achievements for skyshards from all base game as well as DLC, for easy access. or anything in your mind, copy-paste any achievement you need and create your own category

possible? good?:banana:

Marazota 09/19/18 04:39 AM

why people/me possibly want it:

- compose all skyshard achievements in one section, will save alot time when looking for them
- same for other achievements that spread out between base game and DLCs/Chapters. like fishing, and more
- create a "fake" achievement for two new alchemy reagents from Summerset, and locate them inder Crafting > Alchemy
- create a "to do list" of achievements you want to do first
- create a list with achievements with great rewards

and more and more

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