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Cairenn 05/05/14 10:31 AM

Arcane Scripters Guilds
We've set up guilds for authors who care to join, on both the NA and the EU megaservers. For an invitation to either of the guilds send an in-game friend request to @Cairenn. Do something like:

"This is [user name] from [esoui forums/official eso ui forums/#esouidev irc channel]. My play time is usually around [time], time zone is [time zone]."

That way I will have you on my friends list so that I can see when you are online, and I'll also know when I'll have the best chance of catching you on, so that I can get you tagged.

Also, anyone in the guild can actually invite others, it's just a matter of figuring out who is around since there isn't currently any way to search for people online by guild name or whatever.

You can also pop into the IRC channel to see if someone is available to invite.

Cairenn 05/05/14 10:37 AM

I need in-game @ names for the following people, so that I can get you on my friends list to get you invited:


Atropos 05/05/15 04:54 PM

Is this guild still active on the NA server? If so, could I get a re-invite on @Atropos?

Cairenn 05/06/15 02:45 AM

I'm not sure how active it is these days. And, for whatever reason, I can't get logged in these days. I think I need to do a complete uninstall and reinstall. So, yeah, anyway - you need to catch someone else in-game to get an invite. Anyone already in the guild, though, should be able to invite.

Atropos 05/06/15 10:24 AM

No worries, it seems like the IRC channel is a good alternative without sacrificing an in-game guild slot!

@AlphaLemming 11/17/15 10:59 AM

Is there any "scripter guild" on the EU server?

Ayantir 11/17/15 11:23 AM

No, that's a bit weird, because majority of authors are on EU. but we can do this. Caireen do you still log on EU server sometimes ? If so, maybe invite few ones who could join..

PS: I'm already 5/5 guilds (and would like to got 10 guilds).. but I can leave one of my trading guilds for dev chat :)

haggen 11/17/15 12:11 PM

I'd like an invitation to the guid on the US server: @eolhain

Whenever tho, since Caireen can't right now, no worries.

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