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Fuglie 02/13/16 08:00 AM

Pheasant Pluckers Guild - PvP/PvE, European server, XBox
Hi guys,

We are a new guild building very fast, we have active chat 24 hours with (reasonably) mature guildies, trader, etc. Whether you are just starting the game and need some advice and help or are a seasoned veteran our guild is for you! We do sewers, cyrodil, quests, craglorn, trials, lore book hunting, skyshard hunting, we help each other level, craft, etc, etc.

If you are looking for that awesome family team that helps each other do stuff and has a buttload of fun doing it when you think of *a guild* and maybe you have felt lost for a while....come over to us, maybe youve found a new home!

We try to raid Fridays and Saturdays (its when my husband gives me all night off to play!:)

Our website is www.facebook/pheasantpluckers2

Sorry I had to link the dancing banana smilie.....

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