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Colchaotic 03/24/14 10:09 PM

Can't find folder path
I cannot find the folder to set up Minon, I look everywhere and when I finally get the Elder Scrolls online none of the tabs are for addons. I have played beta before so I do not think that is the issue, I am just running out of ideas and do not know where to look for it, because everywhere i click that's elder scrolls there is no addon folder.

If anyone could give me step by step instructions that go into a little more detail than the sticky I would greatly appreciate it, because I do not know what to do lol!

Colchaotic 03/24/14 10:15 PM

I found it, buried in users, me, documents, elder scrolls, live, addons

Just took 40 minutes.....

Cairenn 03/24/14 11:05 PM

Sorry you went through 40 minutes of frustration. For future reference, though, our Help has that info. ;)

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