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Fosterwerks 12/13/19 02:04 AM

XML <Line> Tag
Hi All!
Working on an addon and want to draw a simple line, but can't get the Line XML element to draw. I guess I could use a Backdrop element, but Line seemed much more appropriate (obviously). Am I misunderstanding what the Line element does? I see there are attributes for textures under the Line element, which really doesn't make sense to me. If this is indeed for drawing a line, since you can define a thickness, how does the Dimensions tag come into play? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

sirinsidiator 12/13/19 05:52 AM

The line element is used for the connections between keeps on the map in Cyrodiil. A texture is necessary for it to render. It's probably more appropriate to think of it as a directional texture control which is drawn from the top-left anchor to the bottom-right anchor with a specified height (=thickness).

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