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Biki 03/22/14 10:51 AM

Version check before saying "update available"
So, I'm an addon dev and locally an addon of mine is version 0.4 but the available version on ESOUI is 0.3.1 so Minion says there is an update available, which realistically, there isn't. Would I update, I would lose the code changes between the two versions.

Maybe change the system so that the available version needs to be higher than the local version in order to update?

Seerah 03/22/14 12:19 PM

There are so many versioning systems used by authors that something like this may not be feasible. For example, in my addons, 1.10 is the version that comes after 1.9. However, 1.10 < 1.9 mathematically. Other authors use words and/or letters.

A feature is in the works to display both version numbers (installed and available) to help you decide. But you can also right-click the addon in Minion and ignore it.

Biki 03/22/14 12:54 PM

Right, that's a good point. With no universal versioning system, this is quite tricky. Thanks for the ignore function though. Does this ignore all future updates or just once?

Cairenn 03/22/14 02:02 PM

It ignores all future updates. However, there is, obviously, a way to un-ignore it. If you click on the 'options' tab, there is a box in the lower right corner that shows you all addons that you have on ignore. Right click on the one you want to stop ignoring and it'll go back on your list of addons that Minion will update. :)

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