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Square252 07/13/19 04:27 AM

Minion ignores Date format of system

Minion shows the stupid MM.DD.YYYY Format for the last updated add-ons resulting in a completely wrong list when sorted after update date.

Please change it to the system default or use a sane format like YYYY.MM.DD or DD.MM.YYYY as i can't seem to find any option to change that.

I don't want to insult any americans, but the MM.DD.YYYY format is the most stupid format in the whole world and makes any sortable list broken....

sirinsidiator 07/13/19 06:46 AM

No worries. I am as annoyed by this as you are and it's on my list for Minion 4. ;)

Square252 07/13/19 03:34 PM

Awesome :)
Thanks a lot for the feedback, from what I've read, minion 4 will be brilliant! Even if it's already the best add on manager I've used so far. Good job so far in the current version (besides the date formatting :p)

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