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Ruttle 08/14/18 07:33 AM

Minion not detecting addons no matter what
I have tried reinstalling minions. I have deleted the .xml file. I have rerun minions. When it asks for the location of the addon file, I go to User - Owner - Documents - Elder Scrolls Online - Live - Addons. Then all I get is the blank Minions screen. When Minions was working, I always had to go to the search function to find the program. It didn't show in my apps list or on my start menu. This is not a good experience.

Baertram 08/14/18 09:07 AM

Please use the 32bit version of Minion even if you are on a 64bit system.
Run it as Administrator!!!
Check teh minion.log file if the network detection is not working. Most of the time your firewall or antivirus is blocking minion and thus it shows a white screen and cannot go on as the network is not able to reach the minion servers.

Post the Minion log file here so we can see what is happening.
-> Sometimes there are addons which re corrupted in your AddOns fiolder and they prevent minion from loading and updating other addons.

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