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Vicster0 04/13/14 04:35 PM

Vicster's InventoryInsight
Inventory Insight - Data Gathering and Tooltip Modification AddOn
[Recently Patched: v0.4.0, please see most recent post!]
Author: Vicster0
Version: 0.4.0
Development future: I plan to continue to develop and refine this product until further notice. If this changes into the future, or I become unable to continue to dedicate time to this AddOn I will allow for another developer to take control.
Use License: Please feel free to use this code (and pieces, therein) as examples or templates for your development projects. However, I am retaining ownership of the intellectual property contained in or defined by this AddOn and will not allow minor or major modifications to be made and released under a different name without my prior consent. (Please messages me on the forums if you have any questions. [Vicster0]
Acknowledgements: I would like to thank the following developers as I was able to learn a lot from their code going through this project and for the ability to utilize their libraries where applicable:
  • Fayn - For their AddOn, "Recount".
  • ingeniousclown - For their AddOn, "Research Assistant."
  • Seerah - For their incredicly helpful and time saving library, "LibAddonMenu."
  • ESOUI and all of the community members on the forums for being a great group of helpful individuals.

Are you a hoarder? Do you like to keep and collect everything little thing you come across? Or maybe you are like me and enjoy multiple forms of crafting and just can't see parting with crafting mats but have no place to store them! Having multiple mules to separate and store you items definitely helps with the suffocating constraints of limited bag space and shared banking across your account, but how do you intend to keep track of all your items? If you need that one specific stone for crafting an item with that sweet trait on it, how are you going to know if you have that stone available. And furthermore, how are you going to know on which character it is being stored!? You could do things the old fashioned way - pen and pad or maybe even a nice little work document, or you could do things the Vicster way! Fret no more! Allow me to introduce to you Vicster's InventoryInsight - Data Gathering and Tooltip Modification AddOn for The Elder Scrolls Online!

Player Features
  • Collects data from you characters' inventory and bank when logged in and stores this information for your entire account and encompassing characters.
  • Add information on the location and amount of items with the characters and bank on your account and provides this information to Popup and Item Tooltips in game!
  • Alleviates desk clutter by allowing you to "let go" of the old school pen and pad!
  • Makes your life and experience in the world of Tamriel more enjoyable!
  • And much much more to come in the future!

Due to the nature of itemization in TESO, ItemLinks for the same item do not match in some cases. For example, the level 1 LockPicks provided to characters who skip the Cold Harbor introduction are different (from the perspective of the ItemLink) than later acquired LockPicks. (I have no idea why this is the case but I am researching this.

AddOn DeveloperFeatures
Other AddOn developers can also use external functions in their own AddOns and add a dependency for InventoryInsight to do things such as search for items in the InventoryInsight saved data table!

For Example:
Lua Code:
  1. function IN2_QueryAccountInventory( itemLink,  itemName );
  2. --[[
  3.         receives:
  4.             itemLink - string; ZO formatted itemlink
  5.             itemName - string; plain text name of the item
  6.         returns: a queryItem object
  7.             Note: Providing an itemName string will result in the search
  8. using the name. Providing an itemLink will result in a more specific item
  9. search using ZO ItemLinks. Providing both will default to using the
  10. provided itemLink. Due to the nature of itemization in TESO, ItemLinks
  11. for the same item do not match in some cases. For example, the level 1
  12. LockPicks provided to characters who skip the Cold Harbor introduction
  13. are different (from the perspective of the ItemLink) than later acquired
  14. LockPicks. (I have no idea why this is the case but I am researching this.)
  16.             queryItem = {
  17.                 link = itemLink;
  18.                                 name = itemName;
  19.                 locations = {
  20.                     [n] = {
  21.                         name = ""; -- name of the location found; {"Bank","{charactername}"}
  22.                         itemsFound = n; -- the number of items of this time found at this location
  23.                     }
  24.                 }
  25.             }
  26. ]]--

Vicster0 04/13/14 04:41 PM

I wanted to start this thread up as a way of documenting any issues folks may find using this AddOn. :)

I hope you find this AddOn helpful and easy to use.

Please note: There is a settings menu for this AddOn available from the built-in Settings menu under "Vicster's Addons". Some of these features are also available via the following command structure:

[InventoryInsight]:Usage -
\in2 or \inventoryinsight [options]

on - Enables the InventoryInsight addon.
off - Disables the InventoryInsight addon.
debug - Enables debug functionality for the InventoryInsight addon.
run - Runs the InventoryInsight data collector.
color - Opens the color picker dialog to set tooltip text color.

Vicster0 04/14/14 05:31 AM

I have created my Author Portal which is now available! You can submit bugs and feature requests in an organized fashion through my Author Portal starting now!

NOTE: Please use the Vicster0's Portal to submit all bugs and features. As the only individual working on the development of my AddOns I would not want to miss any scattered information. The Author Portal provides a clean and concise way for me to track any bugs and feature requests.

Lastly, if you have already submitted a bug or a feature request, I have taken the liberty of moving your request into the appropriate tracker. Please visit the page for your corresponding bug or feature request for updates!

Vicster0 04/14/14 07:23 PM

Update 1 - [v0.1.1]

Vicster0 04/17/14 04:58 AM

Update 2- [v0.1.2]
  • Addressed B171 - Not everything showing. There are STILL some items which do not compare correctly at all. (Namely the CE pack items.) Read below...
  • Modified the algorithm which compares items to use data from the item links and not just the links themselves. As the item links have small differences that are currently unknown to me, I decided to make the base of comparison the itemID. This allows for greater visibility into more items but slightly increase false positives by combining all items of that itemID regardless of the name, value, and color. This is why I also added the following...
  • Added more settings to control the precision of InventoryInsight to your preference. All items are compared by itemID by default. You can choose to add to that precision by also including the name, value, and/or color to the items being compared. (ex. - some gear can be the same item but of different quality/rarity, which can be accounted for by the color. Lockpicks are all the same but for some reason, certain lockpicks are really level 0. The level option can help you differentiate based on your preference.)

Vicster0 04/26/14 09:32 AM

Update 3- [v0.2.0] - Major Release!
  • Changed some algorithms for item matching.
  • Fixed a couple bugs that could enable false positives and un-logged items.
  • Data collector now collects items currently being worn by your character.
  • Added the Inventory Frame and associated settings (enabled via the options menu) FR109 - Complete inventory list.
  • Inventory Frame provides player with the ability to view and filter your entire account iventory in an organized fashion! (double click items to add to chat for simplicity)
  • Inventory Frame docks into character view frame by default and is show while viewing inventory. The frame also has the option of being undocked and moved around! (options menu)
  • Inventory Frame can be shown in many different menu scenes! (see options menu for complete list)
  • Added InventoryInsight non-default Tooltips and the option to switch between that and the default. With these tooltips, InventoryInsight information will be shown seperate from the default tooltip such that there is no interference with other addons also modifying the default tooltips. (enabled and disable via the options menu)
  • InventoryInsight custom tooltip also contains style information on items! Potentially more to come in the future! FR109 - Item style in the tooltip.
  • Huge code restructuring for efficiency and longevity with other addons

Vicster0 04/26/14 08:11 PM

Released a few patches today to address a few bugs:
Update 5 - [v0.2.2] - Patch
  • Addressed B463 - Scene errors with Inventory Frame - Fixed an issue that could cause the scene callbacks to reference a nill InventoryFrame if the player is not using the Inventory Frame and it has not yet been created during the call. Added a check to ensure the player's settings.
  • Addressed B464 - Conflict with TooltipEnhance - Contacted the author who was using large segments of the code. I would suggest avoiding this addon if you are using InventoryInsight as there are compatibility issues.
  • Addressed B464 - Tooltip error when in store scene - The function to retrieve itemLinks had a bug for store items and buyback items. I've restructured the code to account for this issue.
Update 4 - [v0.2.1] - Patch
  • Added a check for links on scroll items with no data in them that was causing erroneous tooltips to appear and throw errors.
  • Changed the behavior of the inventory frame when you have no data collected for other characters. Cleanly displays that no data has been collected and empty items show no text or textures.
  • Addressed B447 - Hover over item from quest reward - Hover over quest reward ItemTooltip (added error checking to ItemLinkDissection function to avoid nil itemLinks)
  • Addressed B446 - Conflict with addon Luminary Trade House - Lumiary trade window PopupTooltip (added error checking to ItemLinkDissection function to avoid nil itemLinks)
  • Inventory Frame scroll bar slightly hidden by scroll items causing it to be extremely difficult to grab control
  • Added chec for itemLinks on double-clicked scroll items in the inventory frame to prevent errors for blank controls.

Vicster0 04/28/14 05:42 AM

Update 6 - [v0.2.3] - Patch
  • Addressed B475 - Tooltip error in stable store - Fixed an issue that was causing errors when mousing over horses available for purchase in the stable store.
  • Also addressed issues similar to B475 by improving the location intelligence behind the tooltips.
  • Added feature FR218 - Filter for InventoryFrame - Added new filtering options to the right side of the InventoryFrame which will limit the items in the frame to the filter type currently selected. PLEASE NOTE: Any previously seen items will only be available under the "All" filter until they have been collected again while logged into the associated character. Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section.

NoniT 05/02/14 02:01 AM

Include Guild Bank?
Hi mate, I love your addon but I really really would like to be able to include all or specific guild banks in the tooltips this is particularly relevant to me as I trade in materials so I have thousands of materials spread all over the place and I really need a snapshot of how many i have of each item at any one time

Hit me up ingame @myzt :)

Vicster0 05/03/14 01:27 PM

Update 7 - [v0.3.0] - Major Release!
  • Added guildbank support! (Shout out to @myzt who supported and funded this feature! Thanks for everything man! :D)
  • Added Sorting by Name in the Inventory Frame! [FR243]
  • Addressed a conflict with Wykkyd's OutFitter addon. Added optional dependency to this addon and and option to relocate his frame to the top of the character apparel section if you wish to. If the addon is detected an option will be available to enable/disable the relocation of the Gear Outfitter in the settings menu.
  • Cleaned up the interface and added some style! :)

Vicster0 05/10/14 12:44 PM

Update 9 - [v0.4.0] - Major Release!
  • Added feature: Persistent Inventory Frame location between sessions.
  • Added feature: Minimize/Maximize for the undocked Inventory Frame, also persistent for each scene and between sessions. (Note: docked frame can still be re-sized to your liking.)
  • Added feature: Key-binding support. Nothing extremely special but a couple of quick binds to show/hide or show/hide in current scene.
  • Added some pizzazz to the InventoryFrame. Rounded some edges (figuratively) and added some uniqueness.
  • Added feature: Quick remove from scene button on Inventory Frame
  • Added feature: Lock/Unlock button to the undocked InventoryFrame to prevent accidentally moving if you want to keep in place. (Persistent location DOES NOT require the frame to be locked.)
  • Addressed an issue where the IN2 Tooltip would crowd the default tooltips if pushed to the top or bottom of the scree. The IN2 tooltip will now auto-sense this and relocate to either the top or bottom.
  • Added feature: Old guild bank data alert when viewing guild banks and 'i' information icon in Inventory Frame now highlights the Last Collected date and time based on age. Orange if > 1 day old and Red if > 5 days.

daemonios 05/11/14 02:15 PM

Items inside containers
Hi, I've just recently installed this add-on, and while I do enjoy it, I'm having an issue where it doesn't work for items inside containers. For instance, if I open a bag and mouse over some provisioning material, it doesn't show me the amount of said material in one of my toons' inventory. Is this intentional? If not, any idea what might be causing this for me and how to fix it? I'd really like to have this info before I loot a container rather than afterwards :)


Vicster0 05/18/14 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by daemonios (Post 7505)
Hi, I've just recently installed this add-on, and while I do enjoy it, I'm having an issue where it doesn't work for items inside containers. For instance, if I open a bag and mouse over some provisioning material, it doesn't show me the amount of said material in one of my toons' inventory. Is this intentional? If not, any idea what might be causing this for me and how to fix it? I'd really like to have this info before I loot a container rather than afterwards :)


Hey! Sorry, I rarely check here because it's never gotten much attention. :P

There are some areas that may not be tied in yet. Thanks for bringing these ones in particular to my attention. I should be able to add them in. If you find any others or wouldn't mind providing some screenshots on instances like this, please head on over to the bug tracker in my author portal and post what you want there! Thanks for the support in making this addon even better. :)

Vicster0 05/18/14 06:16 PM

Update 11 - [v0.5.0] - Major Release!
  • Included the Media Provider Library
  • Added options for different fonts and font sizes to default and custom tooltips.
  • Added options for different fonts and font sizes for inventory frame list.
  • Added hiding custom tooltip when there is no info to be shown.
  • Added optional aged guild data notification - when turned on it will not spam you as it did in the last version. It only fires when the guild bank is 5 days or older and only when you first load or after a /reloadui.
  • Added Research Assistant (By Ingeniousclown) support! Access the options in the integrations submenu in the options menu.
  • Added options for RA integration icons on custom tooltip with multiple icons to choose from!
  • Restructured the options menu.
  • Revamped custom tooltip functionality - Optimized code.

Vicster0 05/19/14 07:18 PM

Psssst - daemonios! ;)
Update 12 - [v0.5.1] - Patch
  • Fixed RA integration problems when player doesn't have RA installed.
  • Added minimal padding option for default tooltips. Removed the gap at the bottom of Tooltips that could be considered a waste of space. The option can be found in the Inventory Insight settings under the Tooltips sub menu. NOTE: This affects all default item and popup tooltips, not just those impacted by Inventory Insight. Please keep this in mind when enabling this feature.
  • Added minimal padding option for Inventory Insight tooltips. Same location as above but only affects the IN2 tooltips.
  • Added a "bank" only options to the dropdown list in the Inventory Frame.
  • Added support for items in the loot window. (PLEASE report any areas in the default UI that you would like Inventory Insight support and it is not already there. :))

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