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symmas 06/29/19 07:59 PM

How do you disable Minion notifications on Win10?
Title. How do you disable notifications on Windows 10? I'm tired of it telling me that there's an addon update as I have it to auto-update, which it does. I don't want to be told every single time it updates an addon.

I've brought up Win10's own notification settings, however Minion isn't listed as a notification sender, so I can't turn it off here. Yet its notifications appear in the side bar and pop up on the bottom right. I can't just X them when they pop up, either, that option isn't available like it is for other notifications, no, instead all I have is the -> arrow button to send the notification to the side bar, meaning I have to click it to go to the side bar then press the X to close it in the side bar. It's quite a nuisance.

Baertram 06/30/19 01:25 PM

Afaik there is no option within Minion to change this.
Maybe disable auto update and manually update the addons.
It solves some problems as well (if you are currently playing e.g. and Minion updates libraries the game could get problems) and you get a better handling on addons imo.

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