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marcjordan 01/26/21 12:15 PM

Minion doesn't show uploaded addon

I've had the addon uploaded to esoui for about 4 months now but I don't see it in Minion. I just updated it and don't expect the new update to be immediate, of course, but why would the original upload not be shown in Minion after all this time?


[edit] It should now show up properly in minion. Thanks for all the help and thanks @Dolby.

Baertram 01/26/21 02:06 PM

It's in the tools section at esoui and Minion does not show that -> there already exist multiple threads about that providing the same information.
Forum search -> "Minion show":

"New Addon not showing in minion"

You need to write a pm to Dolby or Cairenn to change the main category of the addon to something else.

marcjordan 01/26/21 07:58 PM

Thank you.

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