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LokiAndBlack 01/29/21 03:25 AM

Where Minion stores backup file?
I play from 2 pcs. The HDD of one died with all my addons and settings. I have backup of minion on my other machine. How to transfer the back up file to restore my settings and addons? I can't find it. :(

Baertram 01/29/21 04:55 AM

In your users folder, e.g.
C:\Users\<your windows username>\.minion\minion-backups\<name of the game like you added it to Minion, e.g. ESO-1 for live and ESO-2 for PTS>

But: The Minion restore of the backup is not working by default!
It got a bug where it searches the wrong folder, so you need to copy these files to another place to be able to restore the data.

backup -> backups up to .minion\minion-backups\eso-1
restore -> tries to restore from .minion\eso-1
-> So copy the backuped files from the folder e.g. C:\Users\<your windows username>\.minion\minion-backups\eso-1 -> to
C:\Users\<your windows username>\.minion\eso-1

OR just open the zip file manually, check the folder in there for the SavedVariables folder and copy it to your live/ folder to get your SV data back.

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