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DaSnowFangs 03/20/21 08:41 AM

Addon Update Confusion/Problem
So for the last few weeks I have been having a strange issue with Minion where every time I launch minion it will re-update the same add-ons it had updated on the previous run. When I visit the settings and look at the update history, the most recent update is are a couple of weeks old. However, there are no errors or anything which would indicate that there is a problem with the updating, everything will update and seem fine, but the software suggests that updates are not being applied or something.

How can I verify that my mods are in fact up to date?
I don't recall Minion ever needing to re-update stuff.

Baertram 03/20/21 01:31 PM

Add Minion to your antivirus/firewall exclusion/whitelist so that the Minion.xml file can be updated properly.
Add the live/AddOns folder to it as well.

Are the addons shown for an update, which stay after the update was done, always the same?
Maybe they do not provide proper txt files so that Minion is not recognizing the updte properly.
Or your Minion.xml file is broken. And you need to close Minion, backup & delete the file and let it rebuild properly.

You can also cheeck the minion.log file in c:\users\...\.Minion (if you have used the stanard Minion install folder) for those addons to see what is going on.

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