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cag_dk 08/24/17 07:30 AM

Number of, and list
Any chance there could be an indication of the number of addons installed? (yeah, I know apparently I'm a masochist :o )

A list of addon-names to export/print (easier to get a friend to look for them from an exported list instead of me writing it down/telling him over the phone)


Dolgubon 08/24/17 08:23 AM

Circonian's Addon Selector will let you see how many addons you have. For an exportable list, there's not really a simple way to get that. You could open the file located at MyDocuments/ElderScrollsOnline/live/AddonSettings.txt and use that. You may need to do some filtering/formatting though.

cag_dk 08/24/17 04:33 PM

Circonian's Addon Selector looks like an overkill. :(
the AddonSettings.txt is sketchy at best... it shows about 14 for my main, yet I have well over 35 installed :confused:

Have gone old-school and put the names in a spreadsheet :rolleyes:

Thanks for trying

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